Olivia McGregor

Olivia // Reciprocal Resident // 2023

27 Nov - 15 Dec 2023 // Ōtautahi, Aotearoa

Olivia McGregor is a dance artist interested in somatic and energetic movement exploration, often through long form/durational improvisation. Body-Mind Centering (BMC) has strongly influenced her approach to generating movement material as an integrated embodiment of all cells, body systems and structures. She is interested in how energy can be transformed, transferred and generated, acknowledging every object body in the space is of equal importance, inclusive of the audience. @livmcgreg
“The parasympathetic nervous system is a network of nerves that relaxes your body after periods of stress or danger. It also helps run life-sustaining processes, like digestion, during times when you feel safe and relaxed. The informal descriptions for this system include the rhymes “rest and digest” or “feed and breed”. During this residency my intention is to activate and maintain this state for as long as possible, seeing digestion as a form of consumption and processing. To create enough space for the space to be filled. To begin a solo. To abandon the plan”