Digital Class Series


Health & Safety Waiver

Classes are open to community dancers, ex-dancers, students at a tertiary level, recent graduates and current professionals. We want to keep everyone safe during our online classes. Please read the following to help us achieve this.

The exercises are designed for at home practice. Please ensure you are in a suitable and safe space within your home by making sure you have at least 2 meters clear space around you, that the floor is clear of any objects or spills, the surface is appropriate for the class’ content and that you can control the environment to a degree, being mindful of the sudden appearance of pets or people. Ensure you are not close to any heat sources that may burn or scald you. Try to set up your screen so that it is at, or close to, eye height, and near enough to see the instructor clearly. Ensure you have the volume set up so that you can hear the instructions.

Though the tutor may be able to see you, it is not the same as in a live class, so you will have to take more than usual responsibility for the safety of your space and of your movements. The instruction provided is general and not personal instruction but, where possible, tutors are happy to respond to questions from participants. Your actions are largely unsupervised by your tutor so please make your own judgements about maintaining your health as you know your own body better than anyone. If an exercise or action causes sharp or sudden pain, stop immediately, apply first aid and advise the teacher/MAP class admin.

Please note that the material in MAP classes is copyright and has not been approved for sharing, or for third party recordings.

We hope everyone enjoys and supports one another in enjoying the class experience. Should anyone not do so, or not respect requests made by MAP or the tutor, we reserve the right to remove participants from the class.

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