Zoe Thomspon-Moore

Zoe Thomspon-Moore // Reciprocal Resident // 2024

17 - 22 June 2024 // Te Awakairangi ki Tai, Aotearoa

Zoe Thompson-Moore (Pākehā) is a cultural worker based in Te Awakairangi ki Tai Lower Hutt.

Situated, embodied, relational and emergent – Zoe’s creative practice encompassess a total way of being in the world. She plays with a variety of processes, materials and forms. Her work is deeply rooted in resourcefulness and the changing seasons, adapting different practices with the cycles in nature and her own life. Her practice transcends disciplines, playing with shape, form, material, but also movement, community, nature, and everything in between. She views her art as a natural cycle, seamlessly integrating life, work and play.

Zoe can often be found in the backyard gleaning inspiration from the loose-parts-play of the neighbourhood kids or tending the beloved community compost heap.
“I am interested in the (re)production of people and culture that happens in our households and neighbourhoods. In a world where we are frequently alienated from ourselves, each other, the environment and the things that we do (our work), I am curious about exploring possibilities for meaningful reconnection. ”