Choreographic Project

Democratizing choreographic process and performance

The Community Choreographic Project is an opportunity for community dancers and artists to perform in a professional choreography in a site specific location in Christchurch Central City. The unique locations of the performances are engaging and artistically challenging for audiences.

Supported by Christchurch City Council and Creative New Zealand, these high-level performances are choreographed by some of the best thinkers and movers in the industry.

Green Silence _ CCP 2023
Green Silence

Community Choreographic Project 2023 - GREEN SILENCE

GREEN SILENCE is a site-specific work transforming the community function of the park; into a concoction of performance encounters, through a meditative walking experience for the audience. Set to a stunning cinematic sound score composed by talented multi-instrumentalist, musician and composer MOTTE Anita Clark.

Choreographed and directed by Sarah Elsworth, this piece aims to explore and unpack the community function of the park. An unbiased space. An open expansive wasteland absorbing our intimate thoughts, conversations, secrets & desires. 

The park does not care for the noise in our heads.
The grass sits there patiently. 
Port hills hug. 
Ōpāwaho river weaves.
Silence allows only silent people to walk through it. 

Green Silence _ CCP 2023
Green Silence _ CCP 2023
Green Silence _ CCP 2023

Previous CCP performances


Choreographer Anna Bate, in collaboration with sound artist Demarnia Lloyd, and lighting designer Stuart Lloyd-Harris, and an ensemble of community dancers created a performance in the car park beneath Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū.

A science fiction feel permeates the choreography with real fake futures of sculptural figures creating what could be described as an animated science fiction flipbook!



Directed by Olivia Webb & Julia Harvie

Featuring: Nicole Wiedemann, Joanne Au, Nicolas Woollaston, Georgina Tarren-Sweeney, Mari Shibata, Josie Ogden, Jane Pieterse, Hana Kirk, Olivia McGregor, Bina Klose

She was the smell of good mud/she is lady grey

Directed byJulia Harvie & Paige Jansen

Featuring: Jac Coia, Megan Neil, Ella Rerekura, Jenny Postles, Virginia Kennard, Lizzy Guthrie

10 busy people

10 Busy People

Directed by Josie Archer

Featuring: Anna Romeo, Bina Klose, Jac Coia, Philippa Cosgrove, Jhawan Raika Morgan, Chloe Summerhayes