Emma Murray Artist Residence (2016) – journal iii

Julieanne Eason comes to visit Pigeon Bay Hall.


We met at PAANZ in Wellington and saw the indomitable Jo Randerson together at Bats Theater.

So f****** pleased to finally see this woman perform!  

Julianne and I discuss some ideas for the space at Sawtooth and my presentation there on the 7th April. She agrees to lend a hand, or an eye in between lunch and some sheep mustering.
See what she’s most recently been up to in Auckland last week.


Instead of presents this year: I asked friends and family to gift me a wish for my 42nd birthday.

I was hoping for a wish a day during my time in New Zealand. People interpreted my request pretty differently. For some, it was a kind of exercise in voracious wish fulfilment – for other’s, a case of imagining what I might need/want at this time, in this place.

I put it to them, if they were me, here in New Zealand for 2 months, what would they do?

I’m calling it: A Wishful Thinking Project, though maybe it’s more of A Stab in the Dark, or Mid Life Crisis kind of thing.

So far I’ve: Kissed someone’s mother for them, taken a photo of the sea everyday, listened to a new piece of music everyday, been wild, written everyday, opened an Instagram account, screamed from a high lonely place; PLEASE PEACE LOVE RESPECT, eaten a mince pie and walked out to the Heads and back (5 hours).

Everybody should walk out to the Heads and back!

So far I have not: Stolen and bagged mens underwear from a rugby club, gone to Fielding, or read Henri Bergson “Materie and Gedächtins” – the book about human feeling on time, with a red neck on the back seat of a car.

I haven’t yet made a checklist of the past or used it for the future, or replicated that moment from Stijn Celis’s ballet Dangerous Liaisons to Mahler music. 

I so am: Going to realise the wish of a friend mine in Amsterdam living with ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). His name is Anil. We danced together in Bern, at the Stadt Theater.

His condition is so serious, on a good day he’s on the couch. On a bad day, he’s in bed, unable to walk, sit up, see people, or have anyone talk to him, let alone touch him. 

He recently pulled off a miraculous event, organising the screening of a documentary about the disease with a reputable doctor as key note speaker, all from his bed.

Both these sources describe the illness pretty well.



He wished: I draw awareness to his condition, and in particular the current controversy around research and testing for the disease, by staging a performance and then nominating others to do the same.

I will: Make a performance for Anil together with Christchurch based collaborative artists, Edwards and Johann who work across a board spectrum of disciplines to RE -search the world we live in. 


Watch this: Space for more details.