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David Huggins – Blog iii

MAP research exchange christchurch artist #16 – David Huggins – Blog iii As the end of the residency draws near, my focus has also shifted to the presentation of the research. I have generated choreographic material through the GPS location process as well as the filmed improvisations, but a straight forward presentation of these does […]

David Huggins – Blog ii

MAP Research Exchange Christchurch Artist #16 – David Huggins – Blog ii This week, I am rehearsing and choreographing more GPS dances that I described in my previous blog, from locations further afield. Although not a primary objective, I have found that the task is conducive to generating a large amount of raw material in […]

David Huggins – Blog i

MAP Research Exchange Christchurch Artist #16 – David Huggins – Blog i   As I walk into the space, I’m reminded of the words by the performers in Tino Sehgal’s This Situation (2007). “Welcome to this situation!” they intoned in unison. It is a situation indeed, and I really have no idea where to start […]

Emma Murray Artist Residence (2016) – journal iii

Emma Murray Artist Residence (2016) – journal iii I watch: the work of: Matt Claderwood and others at CocA in their current exhibition there.  http://www.coca.org.nz  I photograph: Pecarious balancing on the walk home along St Asaph street. And later that day see it again at the Isaac Theater, watching Royal New Zealand Ballet perform In the Middle Somewhat Elevated […]

Emma Murray Artist Residence (2016) – journal ii

Emma Murray Artist Residence (2016) – journal iii Julieanne Eason comes to visit Pigeon Bay Hall. http://www.julieanneason.com/ We met at PAANZ in Wellington and saw the indomitable Jo Randerson together at Bats Theater. http://www.barbarian.co.nz/banging-cymbal-clanging-gongSo f****** pleased to finally see this woman perform!  ​Julianne and I discuss some ideas for the space at Sawtooth and my […]

Emma Murray Artist Residence (2016) – journal i

emma murray artist residence (2016) – journal i Before I even got here: Mum organized the Pigeon Bay School Hall on the Peninsula for me to work in, in preparation for the classes, performance and presentation of research Julia has set up for me through MAP. Switzerland, you should see this place! I’m starting off: With my daughter’s plaits […]